Night off at the museum

Visual Arts

Three major museum exhibitions: Night off at the museum

Montreal's Narnia, Miles Davis and Easter Island blockbusters.

The art of craft

Visual Arts

Puces Pop at Spring Pop: The art of craft

The Puces Pop arts and crafts fair takes a fresh, DIY approach to the summer slow-down.

Technical turns

Visual Arts

Hi-Tech, Lo-Tech, No-Tech conference and Eclectik 2010: Technical turns

Interdisciplinary artists converge for Hi-Tech, Lo-Tech, No-Tech? conference and Eclectik 2010.

Power forward

Visual Arts

Elektra 11: Power forward

After 10 years of promoting the best in high-tech art, the Elektra festival proves the digital divide leapable.

Miles ahead

Visual Arts

"We Want Miles": Miles Davis vs. Jazz: Miles ahead

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts celebrates the legacy of jazz icon Miles Davis.

Sound sleep

Visual Arts

Kaffe Matthews: Sonic Bed: Sound sleep

With Sonic Bed Québec, artist Kaffe Matthews transports our minds and bodies through music.

Beyond paper planes

Visual Arts

Papier 10: Beyond paper planes

Montreal contemporary art fair Papier 10 guides paper-based art into a big, cool, accessible-to-all location downtown.

Watch and learn

Visual Arts

You, Me and You: Watch and learn

Annie Gauthier and Milutin Gubash share months of their lives in video project (and journey of self-discovery) You, Me and You.

Disclosing time

Visual Arts

Nuit Blanche all-nighter 2010: Disclosing time

Just say oui to the wee-hours and artsy nooks and crannies of multi-quartier Nuit Blanche.

Incandescent exposure

Visual Arts

The Wooden Lightbox: Incandescent exposure

Alex MacKenzie's The Wooden Lightbox proposes the cinema that could have been.

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