Seasonal split-shift

Visual Arts

Fall Cultural Preview: Visual Arts: Seasonal split-shift

Montreal galleries, museums and art makers keep the heat alive through autumn.

So damn good

Visual Arts

Arts NDG: So damn good

Arts NDG turns a community's creativity into a weekend of public art, film screenings and live music.

Multi-sensory overload

Visual Arts

Boom-Chix-a-Boom and Vida Simon's Cantastoria: Multi-sensory overload

La Centrale's Boom-Chix-a-Boom and Vida Simon's Cantastoria do art, craft and performance differently.

August ardour

Visual Arts

Hot August art: August ardour

Let art be an inspiration for new life in these dying days of summer.

Natural realism

Visual Arts

Osheaga Salon des Arts 2010: Natural realism

Artists navigate through nature at Osheaga Salon des Arts 2010.

Triple feature

Visual Arts

Zilon, Zilon and more Zilon: Triple feature

Montreal graffiti master Zilon finds acclaim if not free time.

Edges of reason

Visual Arts

Jason Botkin's Last Minute + Extreme Painting Montreal: Edges of reason

As part of Extreme Painting Montreal, Jason Botkin's Last Minute cracks away at darkness with new light.

Out on the boulevArt

Visual Arts

Festival international Montréal en arts: Out on the boulevArt

FIMA transforms Ste-Catherine St. into an open-air gallery.

Let there be light

Visual Arts

Jenny Holzer at DHC/Art: Let there be light

Celebrated American artist Jenny Holzer drops some brightly lit knowledge on us at DHC/Art.

Hot hot art

Visual Arts

Iannis Xenakis at the CCA and Luis Jacob at Darling Foundry: Hot hot art

The CCA and the Darling Foundry step up summer expectations with Iannis Xenakis and Luis Jacob.

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