Lady arts

Visual Arts

Winter Cultural Preview: Visual Arts: Lady arts

This winter, incredibly talented women stay warm in Montreal's arts-scene spotlight.

Love letters to Montreal

Visual Arts

Sainte-Catherine Street Makes the Headlines! and Yours Truly, Montreal: Love letters to Montreal

Pointe-à-Callière's Sainte-Catherine Street Makes the Headlines! and Yours Truly, Montreal showcase La Belle Ville.

Season of the weird

Visual Arts

Artsy winter wonderland: Season of the weird

Montreal goes down the rabbit hole and into an artsy winter wonderland this holiday season.

Elastic arts

Visual Arts

La Elástica: Elastic arts

La Elástica offers contemporary art and experimental collaboration a new home.

Galerie reverie

Visual Arts

All kinds of art for November: Galerie reverie

Artists from Montreal and afar provide new perspectives on the encroaching winter.

Time and space travel

Visual Arts

Vera Frenkel: Mapping a Practice: Time and space travel

Vera Frenkel journeys through high-tech emotional lands in Cartographie d'une pratique/Mapping a Practice.

Artistic technologic

Visual Arts

Art Pop + Puces Pop 2010: Artistic technologic

Multi-artist, mega-neato Art Pop finds the fun in information systems and high-tech interfaces.

Shock full of culture

Visual Arts

Journées de la culture 2010: Shock full of culture

Journées de la Culture shakes up the town with hundreds of arty activities - but don't let the abundance overwhelm you.

Ums and ahs

Visual Arts

Emily Hermant's Hesitations: Ums and ahs

Artist Emily Hermant zooms in on conversational glitches in waveform installation work Hesitations.

Colour theory

Visual Arts

David Spriggs' Stratachrome: Colour theory

Montreal-based artist David Spriggs green-lights the search for meaning among the digital in Stratachrome.

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