Let it all hang out


Wildside Festival 2011: Let it all hang out

The 14th Annual Wildside Theatre Festival has a dirty, intelligent mind.

Season’s believings


Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays and more: Season’s believings

Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays kicks the holiday season into high-comedy gear.

Seasonal stillness


Readable dance: New books: Seasonal stillness

Settle in and read up on the dance world, past and present, with essential new books.

Gold diggers


Cirque Mechanics' Boom Town: Gold diggers

Cirque Mechanics' Boom Town flies higher and digs deeper with marvellous machines.

Crazy love


Une femme virgule un homme: Crazy love

Nancy Leduc's newest creation, Une femme virgule un homme, comes on strong and sultry.

Trans Canada


Nina Arsenault in The Silicone Diaries: Trans Canada

Nina Arsenault deconstructs beauty and gender in The Silicone Diaries.

Dancing with the stars


Hymn to the Universe: Dancing with the stars

In Hymn to the Universe, Bill Coleman builds a deeply engaging partnership with the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Behind the scene


Marie Béland's Rayon X and Behind: Behind the scene

Marie Béland breaks down pop-culture images for youthful minds in Rayon X and Behind.

Theatre of war


Imago Theatre's Au Champ de Mars: Theatre of war

Imago Théâtre does emotional battle in Pierre-Michel Tremblay's satirical comedy Au Champ de Mars.

Dream big


A Raisin in the Sun - Black Theatre Workshop: Dream big

Black Theatre Workshop keeps alive the bright hope for another 40 years with A Raisin in the Sun.

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