City litter

First Watch: City litter

Saturday night’s St-Laurent Street looked like it had been wallpapered. Hanging off car windshields and littering the sidewalk and gutters were these ubiquitous, glossy poster-sized flyers, about as big as ...Read more →

Brand-naming daycares: Brand-name kids

With all the talk about the Liberals abolishing $5-a-day daycare a new trend may be on the horizon – the branding of daycares. This fall the Mad Science Group, a ...Read more →

Famous Players opens bars in theatres: Movie cheers

The upcoming holiday season is about to get a whole lot merrier when Famous Players opens bars in all of its Alberta locations. Now Canada’s largest cinema chain (FP has ...Read more →

Fixing the problem

Interview with Philip Owen about Vancouver's drug problems: Fixing the problem

Coming to town with the documentary Fix: The Story of an Addicted City, Vancouver's ex-mayor Philip Owen speaks out in favour of a drug policy that works. An interview with a politician who lost his job because he supported safe injection sites..Read more →

Between the sheets

Sex Ed in Quebec gets a failing grade: Between the sheets

Reforms to Quebec's school system set to give sex ed a failing grade. Do we really want this kind of teaching to be cut from the curriculum?.Read more →

Explainer: Drug bust

Explainer.Read more →

Orthodox rabbi accepts gays and lesbians: Oy, gay!

These days, it seems like the authorities of every major religion are taking turns publicly denouncing the evils of homosexuality. It’s refreshing, then, to meet someone like Arie Chark. Chark ...Read more →

The poppy mafia

First Watch: The poppy mafia

Being beyond reproach works well for teachers and firemen. Indeed, in our polite and hero-obsessed society, both have an inherent aura of infallibility: The former keep your children from being ...Read more →

Halloween frights

Explainer: Halloween frights

Explainer.Read more →

Montreal Matters: week 5: Home made

This issue marks the close of the 2003 edition of Montreal Matters. Over the past month, Hour, CBC Radio, CBC TV and as well as other partners have offered ...Read more →

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