Tourism advisory

Explainer: Tourism advisory

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From green to mean machine

Car specs: From green to mean machine

While launching the eco-friendly Prius, Toyota Canada hard-sells gas-guzzling SUVs. A tale of two junkets..Read more →

Against the ropes

Jack Layton interview: Against the ropes

Jack Layton finds his footing as Paul Martin takes the helm. Shadowboxing with a politician that has a strong Left hook..Read more →

Seasoned in New York

First Watch: Seasoned in New York

In these uncertain, dangerous times, there is something comforting about knowing there is a French Canadian on nearly every street corner in New York City right now, doing their little ...Read more →

Drinking it in

Explainer: Drinking it in

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Alice doesn’t want to live here anymore

Suicide prevention: Alice doesn’t want to live here anymore

Suicide seems to be the only option for one sufferer of borderline personality disorder. Is she and others like her getting the help they need?.Read more →

Last call

Pasalymany bar closes: Last call

Heartbreak over the closing of a well-loved and unique Mile End bar: a journalistic eulogy.Read more →

Christmas crafts: Homemade for the holidays

Sorry Santa, your claws may not sink into savvy holiday shoppers this year: The recent boom of grassroots, local, artisan businesses selling handmade products in Mile End offers a way ...Read more →

Food banks: Getting their share?

Arguably Quebec’s biggest food bank drive, this year’s third La Grande Guignolée des médias on December 11 promises to fill fridges and raise thousands of dollars for Montreal’s destitute. But ...Read more →

Cirque du Soleil bans HIV-positive gymnast: Tears of a clown

Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil is battling U.S. activists who are furious the company has fired a gymnast because he is HIV-positive. On November 20 protesters picketed Cirque du Soleil’s Allegria ...Read more →

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