Thinking inside the box


Le Tigre: Thinking inside the box

New York's Le Tigre put politics, art and poetry in and pull music out.

The time bomb explodes


Rancid: The time bomb explodes

Rancid succumb to shampoo commercials, and collaborations with P!nk and Kelly Osbourne - but they're still more punk than you.

I love Neo

Lalla Land

Lalla Land: I love Neo

The Matrix film trilogy tells the story of the inevitable collapse of the "underground" in a world where machines, technology and shameless profiteering run amuck. We all noticed the lame ...

D.O.A. has Shithead for brains

Locals at Large

Locals at Large: D.O.A. has Shithead for brains

"The Clash were supposed to be men of the people, but they were definitely not coming across that way… As they came out of their dressing room to head onto ...

The Phairer sex


Liz Phair: The Phairer sex

Dethroned indie queen Liz Phair fires back on sex, self and selling out.

Combat rock, unplugged


New Model Army: Combat rock, unplugged

Legendary U.K. punks New Model Army pull out the acoustics for Montreal stop.

Sleep when you’re dead

Lalla Land

Lalla Land: Sleep when you’re dead

To finally silence all the whining skeptics, here’s living proof that Montreal is simply, as Ad Roc might put it, the most illingest city this side of Amsterdam. Bong, you ...

A 21-pappadam salute

Locals at Large

Locals at Large: A 21-pappadam salute

A moment of silence, please, for a fallen comrade. I’d like to start by paying my respects to both a friend and colleague, and a true Local at Large in ...

Breaking blocks


Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal: Breaking blocks

Fourth edition of the Festival du Monde Arabe aims at fear of the unknown.




Paying tribute.

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