Worth crossing town for


Marché Kim Hour: Worth crossing town for

I was dazzled upon entering Marché Kim Hour. First by the sparkly jewellery by the door, then by the cornucopia of Asian goods. I found myriad greens, bitter melon, Thai ...

A cup and a bite


Café Milano: A cup and a bite

Café Milano is full of character - and characters.

Holy tortilla!


Grocery Mi Tiendita: Holy tortilla!

If your Latin is more American than Roman, Saint-Leonard has stores for your needs. I spied the largest tins of hominy ever at Epicerie Mi Tiendita. They also carry fresh ...

Breathtaking Italian


Di Menna: Breathtaking Italian

Saint-Leonard restaurant Di Menna is top of the list, head of the heap.

The Minas touch


Guanabara Café: The Minas touch

Guanabara Café serves Brazilian cuisine in a hospitable atmosphere.

A life of pie


Tourtière Australienne (TA): A life of pie

Tourtière Australienne looks all the way down under to Australia, land of ‘roos, rogues and Uluru. And pies. Early settlers brought the British meat pie tradition with them to Australia, ...

From textiles to tasty


Café Falco: From textiles to tasty

Our tour of Mile End now takes us to Café Falco, which serves light meals executed with Asian touches.

Peter picked a peck of peppercorn


Spice Station: Peter picked a peck of peppercorn

To walk into Peter Bahlawanian’s Spice Station is to tread across the globe. Just the section of dozens of salts takes you from Cyprus (a dramatic, black, charcoal-laden salt) to ...

Raw (and cooked) power


Lustucru: Raw (and cooked) power

Celebrating its first anniversary this week, Lustucru offers tartares, bistro-type fare and other delicacies.

Eclectic and comfortable


Caffè in Gamba: Eclectic and comfortable

Eclectic and comfortable, this Mile End coffee shop is a hangout for people who care about the quality of their coffee. Old friends meet weekly for a gab, home baristas ...

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