All alight


Montréal en lumière: All alight

Whet your appetite for Montréal en lumière

Puttin’ on the Biarritz


Biarritz: Puttin’ on the Biarritz

Biarritz offers a welcome respite from the winter blues

Happy feet


L'Espagne à vos pieds: Happy feet

The north of Spain is famous for its espadrilles, those canvas and jute rope shoes that make sense in a sunny clime. A new store on St-Denis Street is hoping ...

Torta! Torta! Torta!


Ta Chido: Torta! Torta! Torta!

Ta Chido offers tortas and other Mexican specialties

You be the judge


Huitlacoche: You be the judge

Many years ago, roaming the aisles of a supermercado in Mexico City, my brain popped a few neurons when I picked up a plastic-wrapped corncob that had a section of ...

Wrestler’s delight


Le Gros Jambon: Wrestler’s delight

Diner nostalgia coexists with forward thinking at Le Gros Jambon

Orange Orange


Galerie Zone Orange: Orange Orange

I’ve become, slightly to my surprise, the kind of person who really appreciates good linens. Not necessarily fine ones that young ladies traditionally lay aside for their trousseau, but dishtowels ...

Poule Britannia


Laurier Gordon Ramsay: Poule Britannia

The famous Scottish chef does rotisserie chicken at Laurier Gordon Ramsay

A night at the Arepera


Arepera: A night at the Arepera

Get your arepa fix at Arepera

An excellent latte stop


La Distributrice: An excellent latte stop

The space is so tiny and changes purpose so often, my mate thought it rotated businesses as a kind of performance art. But the excellent latte stop La Distributrice could ...

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