L’Atelier du presbytère


Urban Living: L’Atelier du presbytère

Second-hand and antique shops are deserting Notre-Dame little by little, but that doesn’t mean they’re all closing down. L’Atelier du presbytère has found refuge in a Saint-Ambroise Street loft, where ...

Lab projects


SAT Foodlab: Lab projects

Chefs think, explore, learn and create at SAT Foodlab

Purple rain


Urban Living: Purple rain

While grey remains in demand, purple is on the rise among trendy home colours

Shack in the city


La Cabane: Shack in the city

La Cabane brings the sugar shack experience to the Old Port

Top-notch backwoods cuisine


Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack: Top-notch backwoods cuisine

The maestro of maple, Martin Picard, has put out another extravagant book as a paean to Quebec cooking and ingredients. The chef-owner of the Plateau’s Au Pied de Cochon opened ...

Make it your own


Poutineville: Make it your own

Poutineville offers 77 million variations on poutine as we know it

Addicted to spuds


Potatoes!: Addicted to spuds

Marie Antoinette wore potato flowers in her hair to try to lend status to and encourage consumption of the "lazy root" to the French populace. It took a long time ...

Cava of forgotten dreams


Cava: Cava of forgotten dreams

High-end Greek resto Cava offers a great lunch deal

Korea when it sizzles


5000 Ans: Korea when it sizzles

Warm up at Korean restaurant 5000 Ans

Let them eat cake


Felix & Norton Cakes: Let them eat cake

One perk to being a stay-at-home freelance writer is that one minute you’re scrabbling on the floor hoping there’s a second Lego hook for the other twin, the next minute ...

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