Top-notch backwoods cuisine


Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack: Top-notch backwoods cuisine

The maestro of maple, Martin Picard, has put out another extravagant book as a paean to Quebec cooking and ingredients. The chef-owner of the Plateau’s Au Pied de Cochon opened ...

Addicted to spuds


Potatoes!: Addicted to spuds

Marie Antoinette wore potato flowers in her hair to try to lend status to and encourage consumption of the "lazy root" to the French populace. It took a long time ...

Let them eat cake


Felix & Norton Cakes: Let them eat cake

One perk to being a stay-at-home freelance writer is that one minute you’re scrabbling on the floor hoping there’s a second Lego hook for the other twin, the next minute ...

Happy feet


L'Espagne à vos pieds: Happy feet

The north of Spain is famous for its espadrilles, those canvas and jute rope shoes that make sense in a sunny clime. A new store on St-Denis Street is hoping ...

You be the judge


Huitlacoche: You be the judge

Many years ago, roaming the aisles of a supermercado in Mexico City, my brain popped a few neurons when I picked up a plastic-wrapped corncob that had a section of ...

Orange Orange


Galerie Zone Orange: Orange Orange

I’ve become, slightly to my surprise, the kind of person who really appreciates good linens. Not necessarily fine ones that young ladies traditionally lay aside for their trousseau, but dishtowels ...

An excellent latte stop


La Distributrice: An excellent latte stop

The space is so tiny and changes purpose so often, my mate thought it rotated businesses as a kind of performance art. But the excellent latte stop La Distributrice could ...

Organic fare on the Plateau


Ecollegey: Organic fare on the Plateau

Already a community mainstay in NDG, Ecollegey has sprouted up in the Plateau across the street from tree-filled Lafontaine Park, which makes it an easy stop-off after romping in the ...

A robust selection of cheeses


Fromagerie Copette & Cie: A robust selection of cheeses

No need to head to Atwater or Jean-Talon Market for fine cheeses with Verdun’s Fromagerie Copette & Cie in the hood. The store boasts a robust selection, from Morbier and ...



Boucherie de Paris: Grocery

Tucked on a small street across a park, husband-and-wife team Thierry Devaux and Christine Bourgeois run a lardon-sized butchers of whole-hog renown. Université de Montréal students and profs stream in ...

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