Maeve's martini roundup: Drinkalizers

Cocktails for the age of un-innocence.

Savoury tidbits fit for disparate diasporas


Chez Apo: Savoury tidbits fit for disparate diasporas

The Armenian diaspora stretches far and wide. From a region east of Turkey, they’ve migrated around the world. A sizable number went to Lebanon, then to our taste buds’ fortune ...

Crazy for kimchi


Maison de Seoul: Crazy for kimchi

High spirits invade expansive Maison de Seoul.

The appetite of Sauron


Petit Treehouse: The appetite of Sauron

Petit Treehouse has plentiful goods for folks with a bad sushi hobbit, er, habit.

Speed freaks


Les Gourmets Pressés: Speed freaks

Get your quick foodie fix at Les Gourmets Pressés.

Inherit goodness


Les Héritiers: Inherit goodness

Les Héritiers bequeaths fine French dining in the old style.

Sin city


Vices et Versa: Sin city

Gone to heaven at Vices et Versa.

Setting the stage


The food's the play at Julia: Setting the stage

When a restaurant caters to the theatre crowd, it can appear distressingly empty if you enter at, say, 8:15 on a Friday night. It has ebbs and floods of patrons, ...

Stop and dough


Churros Montreal: Stop and dough

Sweet snacks at Churros Montreal.

Spice trail


Restaurant Dev: Spice trail

The draw of flavours at Restaurant Dev.

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