To be or not to be

Three Dollar Bill: To be or not to be

I’ve had a crush on handsome Montreal actor Joseph Bembridge ever since I saw him star in his riveting one-man play David at Théâtre Ste-Catherine back in 2007, notably the ...Read more →

The sound factory

Three Dollar Bill: The sound factory

You really haven’t experienced porn until you’ve screened one of the half-dozen porn films scored by famed American electronic collage artists Matmos – films like Screw Gang, Fistful Thinking and ...Read more →

The surreal life

Three Dollar Bill: The surreal life

There’s something quite fetching about Eddie Izzard when he applies ruby-red lipstick, mascara and black eyeliner and wears hosiery, sequins and pumps. Just don’t call him a drag queen. "It’s ...Read more →

Sex and the City

Three Dollar Bill: Sex and the City

"As Michael Musto is to New York City, Richard Burnett is to Montréal," the clearly fabulous website The Montréal Buzz reported last month. A few days later, Michael Musto himself ...Read more →

Rebel capital

Three Dollar Bill: Rebel capital

"Anybody blow your pipes this morning?" is a question Desiree Hines, resident organist and director of Philadelphia’s gay arts TAP Project, is often asked. But last Sunday morning, fresh from ...Read more →

Lieto fine

Three Dollar Bill: Lieto fine

I’m trying my best not to stare at Rufus Wainwright’s crotch, except Rufus is sitting directly in front of me, legs spread as he scratches the inner left thigh of ...Read more →

School’s out!

Three Dollar Bill: School’s out!

"Richard Burnett is a faggot." Those words were scrawled on my high school locker door in big block letters by some bully with a black marker. And I was terrified ...Read more →

Spring in your step

Three Dollar Bill: Spring in your step

When author Felice Picano published his masterpiece Like People in History in 1995, his publisher wanted to subtitle it "An American Epic." Felice, one of my mentors, insisted they subtitle ...Read more →

No biz like showbiz

Three Dollar Bill: No biz like showbiz

Alas, it’s true, my asshole is not the centre of the universe. It’s also true that lines like that will occasionally get me into trouble. Just ask onetime Hour theatre ...Read more →

Thank God it’s Friday

Three Dollar Bill: Thank God it’s Friday

This weekend is as good a time as any to remember that the last supper Jesus of Nazareth had with his 12 Apostles and his fag hag Mary Magdalene some ...Read more →

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