Au revoir, kind of

Three Dollar Bill: Au revoir, kind of

Well, it has come to this: The global decline of newspapers has claimed yet another victim, Montreal’s venerable Hour magazine, at least as you’ve known it, which for almost 20 ...Read more →

Fag hag

Three Dollar Bill: Fag hag

Elizabeth Taylor’s stormy love affair with Richard Burton will always be synonymous with Montreal, the city where they first got married, back on March 15, 1964, in suite 810 of ...Read more →

The Starmaker

Three Dollar Bill: The Starmaker

"I just love it that Stevie is a star!" says David Forest, the Hollywood porn super-agent who began his storied showbiz career managing gay and rock icon Stevie Nicks back ...Read more →

Our queen

Three Dollar Bill: Our queen

"I think Charlie Sheen is representative of all straight men right now!" legendary stand-up comic Kate Clinton told me this week. "I love to generalize!" The great Kate Clinton is ...Read more →

Knock-out city

Three Dollar Bill: Knock-out city

I knew I was in the City of Brotherly Love when I sat on a bar stool in the Venture Inn, a comfy gay neighbourhood watering hole in Philly, when, ...Read more →

Three Dollar Bill: A bloody disgrace

If there is anybody who deserves to die of AIDS, it is the HIV-denialists who after 25 years of solid science still insist that HIV is not the cause of ...Read more →

The Voice

Three Dollar Bill: The Voice

"I paid off my student loans by doing all kinds of TV commercials," says Canadian actor and playwright Salvatore Antonio, whose mug you’ve seen all over television, in shows like ...Read more →

The Gaytona 500

Three Dollar Bill: The Gaytona 500

Montreal stock-car racing legend Dick Foley was not just the first Canadian to race in the Daytona 500, back in 1959, but Foley also inadvertently caused the biggest pile-up in ...Read more →

Get some Hed!

Three Dollar Bill: Get some Hed!

Canadian entertainer Seth Drabinsky was scared shitless the night he performed a selection of songs from John Cameron Mitchell’s award-winning off-Broadway rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch – in ...Read more →


Three Dollar Bill: Nutcrackers

It was one of the greatest entrances of all time: Montreal drag queens Mado Lamotte (so-called when she started her career at Poodles on the Main back in 1987 because ...Read more →

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