First Watch: Sells out, Moves to Toronto

I used to think about those poor, petrified souls who, upon hearing the news in 1976 that a fuming, menacing little cannonball named René Lévesque smoked his way to the ...Read more →

First Watch: Airing their problems

You know, it’s bloody weird to sit here behind this desk on this beautiful island in this great corner of the earth and watch the goings on down south. Here ...Read more →

First Watch: Not kid stuff

But is it art? You read John Robin Sharpe at your own peril. His stories about the sexual proclivities of teenaged boys and the men who love them are nasty, ...Read more →

First Watch: Camera obscura

The next time you see him, take a moment to pity that poor drug dealer on the corner of Berri and Ste-Catherine. Look at him, decked out in those oversized ...Read more →

First Watch: Hate, fire and Jackasses: A week in Montreal

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance strolled up to the Hour table at the MIMI Awards and smiled the smile that no doubt haunts many, many people in their dreams. ...Read more →

First Watch: Political makeover

Say hello to Stephen Harper, centrist. – Gazette columnist L. Ian Macdonald In a way, political image makeovers are a little like a deathbed embrace of Jesus, or a tearful ...Read more →

First Watch: Clearing the air

As far as colossal misnomers go, Buenos Aires, Argentina, has to be one of the worst – or best, if you happen to delight in the sheer irony of these ...Read more →

First Watch: Going bust

The list, big and bold, says it all. There are fifty names in a vertical bar, half of which are highlighted by a black dot. The similarity in the family ...Read more →

First Watch: The people in my neighbourhood

One of the great things about living in Centre-Sud, and there are many, is how old-time residents don’t have any qualms about walking up alongside you and starting to talk. ...Read more →

First Watch: Bad neighbours

Go ahead. Build a big wall. Stretch it into the sky, festoon it with razor wire, line it with land mines that will make an amputee (or worse) out of ...Read more →

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