Cheers to you too, BV3

Babylon, P.Q.: Cheers to you too, BV3

"I think, I think probably…" James Di Salvio pauses, suddenly distracted, in mid-answer to my question. He’s looking over my shoulder at the portrait wall behind me in Hour’s cafeteria, ...Read more →

Babylon, P.Q.: Time to rub my crystal balls

Hockey starts today. That should be all that need be said about that. However, not to be left off the bus, I too will throw my lot in with all ...Read more →

The tale of The 222s

Babylon, P.Q.: The tale of The 222s

They were Montreal’s very first glam-punk band in the late ’70s. They incited a concert riot at McGill University that ran red flags up on punk rock right around the ...Read more →

Superhero of the week!

Babylon, P.Q.: Superhero of the week!

"Garbage-Man, Garbage-Man/ does whatever a garbage can" – ha! – "Picks up bags, any size/ Catches trash, leaves the flies/ Look out… here comes the Garbage-Man!" – with apologies to ...Read more →

Photographic aftershocks

Babylon, P.Q.: Photographic aftershocks

Everyone knew Benoit was good. How good? Good enough that it was clear we wouldn’t be able to hang on to him forever, for one thing. But it’s not in ...Read more →

Babylon, P.Q.: You’re in the army now, doctor

Quebec is way short of general practitioners (GPs), or family doctors. Hardly news. But what might have been news was the McGill Faculty of Medicine’s announcement last week that they’d ...Read more →

Rad-Can vs. Dan the Man

Babylon, P.Q.: Rad-Can vs. Dan the Man

Dan Behrman loves his job. And he wants it back.Up until June 2, Behrman was producing and hosting three shows on Radio-Canada’s Espace musique, where he’d been since its inception ...Read more →

Do people go to Toronto just for laughs?

Babylon, P.Q.: Do people go to Toronto just for laughs?

"The Canadian comedy scene is about as big as a thumbnail," explains Toronto-based comedian John Hastings, who will be representing, er, Montreal (I’ll explain later) at this year’s edition of ...Read more →

CSIS and desist

Babylon, P.Q.: CSIS and desist

It is, I concede, highly unusual – and almost always inappropriate – for a publication to report on one of its own, as I am about to do. It’s a ...Read more →

Of boring, bards, brasseries and Bernards

Babylon, P.Q.: Of boring, bards, brasseries and Bernards

As our friends down the 401 get ready to make some noise outside the billion-dollar birdcage at the G8 and G20 summits this weekend, here’s to hoping that more than ...Read more →

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