Nietzsche marketing

Babylon, P.Q.: Nietzsche marketing

Incontrovertible proof that the recording industry is two-faced surfaces this month with the debut of the DualDisc. This latest advancement in listening puts both CD and DVD technologies together on ...Read more →

Talking turkey

Babylon, P.Q.: Talking turkey

Happiness is a PETA press release. "Holidays should be a celebration of life, but for turkeys, they are exactly the opposite," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) president ...Read more →

Babylon, P.Q.: The full Montgomery

Defending The Gazette is a bit like trying to walk a big two-legged dog over a slippery log. One slip either way and you’re both going in… On one side ...Read more →

When you’re afraid to be saved

Babylon, P.Q.: When you’re afraid to be saved

For just over two days the estimated 30 to 40 well-armed Chechen rebels, men and women, held hundreds of their mostly Russian hostages in a large single room. Explosives were ...Read more →

Babylon, P.Q.: Opening the gate of the god

Like an untold number of spiritual epiphanies, social revolutions and matted pyjama bottoms, the title for this column also began with a dream… In this dream, I’m at the Donnelly ...Read more →

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