The end of an O’Meara

Babylon, P.Q.: The end of an O’Meara

It was January of 1993. I had just finished six years of university angled at two liberal arts degrees that all but assured my unemployability. And sure enough, the only ...Read more →

So long to Seapig

Babylon, P.Q.: So long to Seapig

I hated that damn pig, and he hated me. It was forever a contest of wills, of one-upmanship. And there wasn’t an ounce of quit in his Vietnamese pot-bellied body. ...Read more →

Cool for cats

Babylon, P.Q.: Cool for cats

"Are you gonna show your balls? If you show your balls, I’ll show mine!" – two "straight" boys, stripped down to their skivvies, overheard in the lobby of Mainline Theatre ...Read more →

Hot for preacher

Babylon, P.Q.: Hot for preacher

When the Rev. Darryl Gray’s independent, non-denominational Imani Family & Full Gospel Church were looking for a roof over their heads, following Gray’s very public split with Little Burgundy’s Union ...Read more →

Whale lights and white nights

Babylon, P.Q.: Whale lights and white nights

They just don’t make revolutions like the industrial revolution anymore. And the societal trickle-down effects of that ridiculously rich epoch in the evolution of Montreal still, in certain special places, ...Read more →

Punk Rock U: History repeating

Babylon, P.Q.: Punk Rock U: History repeating

I loved Concordia. Concordia was, for me, "Punk Rock U." When I was there, at the downtown campus studying photography, you could smoke butts and drink beer while doing your ...Read more →

Babylon, P.Q.: The year’s foreign correspondence

Welcome to the last Babylon, P.Q. of the decade that easy characterization forgot: no more 00s, no more noughts, no more turn-of-the-century tomfoolery. We are very nearly in our teens. ...Read more →

Not in a rush at all

Babylon, P.Q.: Not in a rush at all

There’s something that Frank Marino really wants to talk about. More than founding and fronting pioneering Montreal psychedelic hard rock band Mahogany Rush, more than being what many have called ...Read more →

Veterans’ wars not over

Babylon, P.Q.: Veterans’ wars not over

Most of us don’t have the faintest freakin’ clue what the day-to-day is like for Canada’s armed forces in the field in Afghanistan. Not even the most elementary iota of ...Read more →

Whisky business

Babylon, P.Q.: Whisky business

As a late teen, I got my hands on a used whisky cask some doofus told me I could still get whisky out of, if I filled it with water ...Read more →

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