The rights decision


The Tyranny of Rights - Web exclusive!: The rights decision

The Tyranny of Rights offers a unique examination of human rights discourse and where it goes wrong.

Relax, read a little


Holiday Gift Guide: Books: Relax, read a little

Take a holiday from the flickering screen and settle into a noteworthy novel and some comfortable Cancon.

The facts of love


Burmese Lessons: A Love Story: The facts of love

Karen Connelly's Burmese Lessons: A Love Story travels deep into the embattled zone where personal meets political.

Shitfaced in Bordeaux


Corked: Shitfaced in Bordeaux

In Corked, Kathryn Borel Jr.'s French wine-country research trip with her father becomes a fortified lesson in relating.

All-natural love


The Last Woman: All-natural love

John Bemrose's The Last Woman contemplates the many sides of nature through a very Canadian love triangle.

Alternative action


Wobblies and Zapatistas: Alternative action

Wobblies and Zapatistas recounts a radical history and connects activist political movements and generations.

Abundant history


Michael Crummey's Galore: Abundant history

Just-announced GG finalist Michael Crummey's Galore makes Newfoundland magic.

Doomed to laughter


This Is How + It Feels So Good When I Stop - Web exclusive!: Doomed to laughter

M.J. Hyland's This Is How and Joe Pernice's It Feels So Good When I Stop balance the reaches of the emotional spectrum.

Sage storytelling


Songs for the Butcher's Daughter - Web exclusive!: Sage storytelling

Religious thinker and Yiddish language typesetter Peter Manseau looks poetically at Jewish Russia in Songs for the Butcher's Daughter.

Intellectual indoor days


Fall Cultural Preview: Books: Intellectual indoor days

Cozy up with the comfort of the spoken written word at the city's varied literary events.

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