Silver tongues tied


Beatrice and Virgil: Silver tongues tied

Yann Martel on the significance of the silenced in new work Beatrice and Virgil.

Confounded father figures


Blue Metropolis Lit Fest: Marianne Ackerman: Confounded father figures

Montreal author Marianne Ackerman takes us to the real south of France to explore contentious love.

Word to your druthers


Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival: Word to your druthers

The 12th Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival has something for everyone, from all corners of the world.

Close relations


Yves Engler's Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid: Close relations

Yves Engler's Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid offers a critical examination on Canada-Israel relations.

Organizing opposition


Direct Action: An Ethnography by David Graeber - Web exclusive!: Organizing opposition

David Graeber details the 2001 Quebec City protests against the Summit of the Americas in Direct Action.

Vocal warm-ups


Winter Cultural Preview: Lit: Vocal warm-ups

Winter may encourage reading-related hibernation, but there's plenty of citywide lit activity in the great indoors.

Lit low-down


Year in Review: Books: Lit low-down

Canadian authors do what they do best, for better or for worse, in a year full of good reads.

Book ‘em, Yanno!


What Is Stephen Harper Reading?: Book ‘em, Yanno!

In an effort to educate our PM, Yann Martel learns a few lessons of his own in writing What Is Stephen Harper Reading?.

The latter end of woe


The Wife's Tale: The latter end of woe

Lori Lansens takes us on an outsider's journey of true compassion and mirthful affirmation in The Wife's Tale.

Action stations!


No Logo: 10th Anniversary Edition: Action stations!

Naomi Klein's anti-corporate activist handbook makes a comeback - maybe when it's needed most.

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