Didn’t see it coming


Sanctuary Line: Didn’t see it coming

Jane Urquhart writes Sanctuary Line from the back of her head and not even she sees the surprise ending.

Imagine life


Lynda Barry's Picture This: Imagine life

Artist and writer Lynda Barry gets to the heart of humanity in her new book Picture This.

Local lit luminaries


Local lit for the holidays: Local lit luminaries

So many books, not enough time - pare the list down to those for whom Montreal is muse.

Fiscal irresponsibility


The Trouble With Billionaires: Fiscal irresponsibility

The Trouble With Billionaires fights for equality and makes small change out of big finance.

All rapt up


Holiday Gift Guide: Books: All rapt up

For those looking to escape everyday drama or dive deeper, Hour recommends some daring reads.

Punk for the people


The Story of Crass: Punk for the people

The Story of Crass traces the creative history and social-activist roots of the U.K. punk rockers.

The riches of Richler


Mordecai: The Life and Times: The riches of Richler

Mordecai Richler conquers the world - again - with new Charles Moran biography.

After dark days


Heaven Is Small & What Disturbs Our Blood: After dark days

Workplace satire Heaven Is Small and riveting family memoire What Disturbs Our Blood mine the psyche.

Flights of fantasy


The World Above the Sky: Flights of fantasy

Montreal writer Kent Stetson flies us to the Old World, New Arcadia and beyond in The World Above the Sky.

Where evil reigns


Imperial Bedrooms: Where evil reigns

Bret Easton Ellis outdoes himself in the bleak and black Imperial Bedrooms.

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