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Three Little Birds
Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds

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Three Little Birds – three local singer-songwriters: Angela Schleihauf, Erin Saoirse Adair and Amelia Leclair. Together they sing delightfully, fresh as the morning dew, luminous as the brightest day of June – a bit like the Marley classic of the same name. On their Dean Watson co-produced, self-titled debut (he did Andrea Simms-Karp’s Hibernation Nation, amongst others), the ladies perfect their own blend of Manouche-like ditties (Misery) knotted with reggae variations (Oil and Water), country-like storytelling (Uranium Mining) and folk aesthetics (the wonderful We Are an Ocean). The arrangements are astonishingly rich, bursting with Schleihauf’s oboe, Leclair’s cajon and English horn and Adair’s pianorgan and violin, taking unexpected detours, putting to the forefront their magnificent three-part harmonies. Had Marley been alive, he would have approved.

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