Rome Romeo: When in Rome…

When in Rome…

Geneviève Tremblay: "We wanted it to be loud and powerful"

Rome Romeo frontwoman Geneviève Tremblay tells us about debut LP Make Up Her Mind

Montreal’s Rome Romeo have been at it since 2007, but their rock and roll roots meander much deeper, with a member lineage that includes time spent in some well-known and hard-working bands from ici, including Fifth Hour Hero and Dirty Tricks. Two years on, the group dropped a well-received six-song EP, and this past winter the Lucifemme 7-inch wet some lips in anticipation of their first long player, the just released Make Up Her Mind. If you like your music smart and sophisticated, check out Rome Romeo’s sassy, suave and brash rock, heavy on the keyboard groove, yet light on their punk pasts.

We touched base with lead singer and instrumentalist Geneviève Tremblay on the eve of the outfit’s album launch.

Hour: The only word I can think of to describe Make Up Her Mind‘s sound is "big." Production-wise, was that part of Rome Romeo’s intention?

Geneviève Tremblay: We didn’t want it to sound like a demo, that’s for sure… That’s why we went to see Jace Lasek [Besnard Lakes' main man and engineer extraordinaire who helms the ship at Breakglass Studios, where Rome Romeo recorded Lucifemme], because we liked what he did with other bands. We wanted it to be loud and powerful. He helped us a little bit with our songs before we went to the studio. We just let him be the "chef d’orchestre." He guided us a little, but with some of the instruments we had in the studio.

Hour: Why has it taken so long for the band to release its first full length?

Tremblay: Maybe we should ask ourselves why the EP came so early! Because I don’t think the EP was supposed to be out at all. It was just demos that we did for ourselves, and at that time David [Gagnon] didn’t have Machette Records yet and he was planning to do a label and he heard our demo and wanted to put it out… I don’t think we were fully ready to have it come out. There have been members changing throughout the past three years and I think we’ve defined a little bit more our sound.

Hour: Do you feel you achieved sonically and musically what you were aiming for with the new record?

Tremblay: I think so. I don’t think I’d ever get there 100 percent, but we’re really happy with the record we have and that’s a good thing.

Rome Romeo
w/ Silver Dapple
At Sala Rossa
May 10

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