Little Broken Hearts
Norah Jones

Little Broken Hearts

Disc review

Since her charming fourth LP, our poor little Norah Jones has had her heart broken. This happens to the best of us – it occurred to me quite recently, putting me in the perfect mindset to make the most of this nice little album. This new Danger Mouse-produced LP sees her on perilous grounds compared to her back catalogue, with layers of reverbs trafficking her voice (like on the wonderful Travelin’ On), deep rhythmic grooves that instantly recalls Mouse’s own project Broken Bells (Say Goodbye, Happy Pills). Sometimes the energy is lacking, as on the six-plus-minute closer All a Dream – depicting the usual post-breakup stoicism, perhaps? – but Little Broken Hearts sets Jones apart from her Blue Note contemporaries, linking her to indie goddesses à la Feist, which is a welcome reinvention. Goodbye S-Norah – we welcome you with open arms, Miss Bitter Jones.

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