Heavy Ride
Buffalo Theory MTL

Heavy Ride

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You guys knew we had a stoner metal scene in Montreal, right? In addition to NOLA-infused bands like Downtrodden or the blackened sludge of Dopethrone, there is also Buffalo Theory MTL, born from the ashes of deathcore-ish metal band Ghoulunatics (bassist Gary Lyons, guitarist Pat Gordon, drummer Brian Craig). Around 2009, the trio recruited Yannick Pilon (Arseniq33) for extra guitar power and found its voice in Anton Parr, whose sung growls recall Phil Anselmo’s snarl. Heavy Ride is the band’s first album, following their 2010 five-song demo. Their sound is heavy indeed, along the Black Sabbath lines, with mighty solos, lots of groovy riffs and thunderous rhythms. A great soundtrack for your next sunny car ride.

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