Urban Living: Back in black

Back in black

c3studio favoured a black and white colour scheme when designing the Condo Canal Lachine project
Photo: Steve Montpetit

If black never goes out of fashion in interior decoration, it’s because it extends beyond the idea of colour to explore the notion of matter and space instead. "Black represents the essence of matter, that of an object whose outline disappears to become a sculpture. On the other hand, black also reflects the space around it and infinitely multiplies it," explains Gilles Saucier, associate founder of Saucier + Perrotte, one of the leading architecture firms in Quebec. Black also absorbs light and imposes sobriety. As such, Saucier only uses it in combination with white and medium grey. "It can only express itself through contrast and in simplicity." Saucier + Perrotte architectes: 514-273-1700, www.saucierperrotte.com; c3studio: 514-419-4657, www.c3studio.ca

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