Urban living: It’s a stretch

It’s a stretch

The stretch ceiling at the Maison du Macaron
Photo: Steve Montpetit

They can be polished, dull, smooth or printed, or even translucent in order to be backlit. Still little known in Quebec, stretch ceilings are growing in popularity, and numerous architecture and design companies are adopting them for their projects, as seen for example at the Bota Bota spa and the Maison du Macaron. They are suited to both commercial and residential spaces, for a bathroom, a kitchen or a living room. "They’re also very convenient in basements, where pipes are often visible on the ceiling," explains Mario Painchaud, an architect and designer for c3studio. "And it looks much better than false ceiling tiles." Here are some of the Quebec companies that offer the installation of stretch ceilings: c3studio, 514-419-4657, c3studio.ca; Extenzo, 1-888-398-3690, www.extenzo.ca; Barrisol, 1-800-370-2949, www.barrisol.ca.

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