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Fit to print

The large-format print of the Lachine Canal at Le Smoking Vallée
Photo: Mathieu Sparks

As soon as you enter Le Smoking Vallée in St-Henri, you notice the huge panorama of the Lachine Canal that covers one of the walls. This photograph by Mathieu Sparks is even more impressive because of the size of the print, which the restaurant’s designer had Lamcom Technologies make. "It’s a vinyl sticker on which we put additional lamination. It’s an affordable technology; around $7 to $8 per square foot. The print is done using the customer’s choice of photo in very high resolution," explains Lamcom consultant Daniel Wolfe. More and more designers are daring to use large-format prints in residential projects. The only downside is that the sticker will likely damage the wall underneath. Lamcom Technologies: 2230 Masson St., Montreal, 514-271-2891, www.lamcom.ca

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