A Flash Flood of Colour
Enter Shikari

A Flash Flood of Colour

Disc review

For almost a decade now, this English four-piece has been doing its odd thing, labelled by some as screamo-dubstep. On this third effort, they sure are emotionally cheesy at times (think of the worst of Incubus meets Linkin Park, in a System of a Down way), when they don’t flirt a tad with grime or mathcore. The dubstep thingies are just them being of their time (like Korn with their Skrillex album). While the undeniably catchy melodies sound amazing, it’s hard to see to which audience it’s meant to appeal. It’s like they want the hardcore boys to bang their fuckin’ heads while frenetically bouncing on the dance floor, lager pints in hands, then make out wildly with their weeping ladies. Sort of.

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