Les Momies de Palerme: Just call them angels of the morning

Just call them angels of the morning

Xarah Dion: "Desire the new age. Work the new age. Be the new age."

It's the beginning of a new age for Les Momies de Palerme

On a foggy late winter night, trudging home over an abandoned centre-ville mountain, the wind whipping through the trees, you hear a soundtrack. A sound that tracks your fear and exhilaration, the thrill of an evil (or not) that lurks and watches. The music in your mind belongs to the Montreal duo Les Momies de Palerme – Xarah Dion (vocals, synths) and Marie Davidson (vocals, violin, synths). Long denizens of a cool scene that evolved from the fervent La Brique alternative show space (co-founded by Dion), Les Momies bathe soothing vocal aerobics over loops of keyboard washes and serious guest spots, creating an avant garde sound universe that owes as much to new age steppers as contemporary classics.

Miss Xarah Dion took the time to answer a few of our questions.

Hour: How did the project first come about? How has it evolved in your ears and eyes since its beginnings?

Xarah Dion: Marie came to La Brique for a concert of Léopard et moi (one of Dion’s other bands). From then on we started hanging out, rapidly connecting on spiritual and aesthetic levels. We jammed a few times and decided we wanted to start a duo. The first years were very busy with concerts, performances and happenings. Since the start we haven’t lost touch and our work relationship has evolved in ways we couldn’t predict.

Hour: How would you explain the sound worlds that Les Momies de Palerme create?

Dion: Originally our world was born out of intuition and a desire to create a music that would throne above us as individuals.

Hour: Can you briefly describe the release launches happening March 31st.

Dion: Brûlez ce coeur was recorded at The Pines studio with David Bryant from April 2008 to September 2010. It was then remixed by Radwan Moumneh at Hotel2Tango. Its international release is due in April 2012 on Constellation Records. Les momies dans les pins is an album of outtakes from the same recording sessions. It’s released this month on Los Discos Enfantasmes.

Hour: What is the underlying artistic philosophy that fuels Les Momies de Palerme?

Dion: We will cross a desert of ice to send out this burning word: Desire the new age. Work the new age. Be the new age.

Les Momies de Palerme
w/ Institutional Prostitution, Femminielli, DJ Cadence Weapon
At Casa del Popolo
March 31

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