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L’Heure et l’endroit

L’Heure et l’endroit

Disc review

Over the past decade and change, Dumas has recorded five LPs, in addition to a bunch of EPs and the Jutra-winning Les Aimants score he composed with long-time collaborator Carl Bastien. Throughout these various releases, the Victoriaville-born singer-songwriter has honed his distinctive sound, a kind of trippy, alternately melancholy and upbeat pop-rock that we pleasantly get reacquainted with here. Beatlesesque flourishes abound, in addition to apparent nods to The B-52′s (L’heure et l’endroit), Blur (Allez allons nous perdre) and whatnot, while lyrics-wise, Dumas returns to pet themes like the passage of time, the sometimes unexpected places life takes us and whether love can survive all of that.

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