Goodtime Machine

Goodtime Machine

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On their debut Goodtime Machine, as its title suggests, the intentions of Ottawa’s Hellbros couldn’t be clearer: Have one hell of a good time and create all the while some of the most fist-pumping music the Capital has ever heard. Without ever sounding like a bad cover band, Hellbros cover all the rock ‘n’ roll bases, from the "hey-hey" chorus on the catchy Trespassing by Night, which brings to mind a coked-up Bon Jovi, to the inventive Dead City Rockers, which recalls Johnny Cash, ZZ Top and Andrew W.K., all in less than 180 seconds. Built on riffs bigger than Scotia Bank Place, most of this Machine is made of tight, vigilantly conceived, extremely well-produced, straight-up headbanger hymns. It’s in their most bizarre moments, though, as on the menacing Tombstone, that the obvious musicianship of the quartet shines the most.

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