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Roméo Onze

Roméo Onze

A film by Ivan Grbovic

Movie review

As a cinematographer, Sara Mishara has made great contributions to the films of Stéphane Lafleur (En terrains connus), Yves Christian Fournier (Tout est parfait) and Maxime Giroux (Jo pour Jonathan). Similarly, Ivan Grbovic’s debut feature wouldn’t be half as effective if it wasn’t for the rich, fluid visual style he created with Mishara, who also co-wrote the screenplay. A sensitive, attentive character study, Roméo Onze depicts the attempts by a Lebanese-Canadian teen (Ali Ammar) to assert himself despite his physical disability and the pressure put on him by his father (Joseph Bou Nassar). With the harp melody of Hans Otte’s Wassermannmusik 1 as a leitmotiv, the film tugs at our heartstrings and truly makes us care for its protagonist.

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Roméo Onze

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