Wrecking Ball
Bruce Springsteen

Wrecking Ball

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"Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies. He leaves when we die," writes Bruce Springsteen in the liner notes of Wrecking Ball, his first LP since the death of Clarence Clemons, whose final recorded sax solo can be heard on the inspirational Land of Hope and Dreams. Nearly all the tracks on this 17th LP from The Boss are emotionally charged protest songs addressing the hard times faced by so many folks while "the banker man grows fat." Yet Wrecking Ball is far from being a bummer, defined as it is by Springsteen’s hope that things can and will get better, which is conveyed through many rousing, inventively arranged numbers augmented by Tom Morello on guitar here, a gospel choir there, lotsa thumping rhythms and various other flourishes. "Bring on your wrecking ball!"

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