Napalm Death


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One might have thought this English death-grindcore outfit would’ve mellowed during their three-decades-plus reign of sonic terror. Fuck no. Punk cover art, crushing riffs, fast and thunderous rhythms, cavernous growls or agonizing shrieks. Everything is in place to help you blow off some steam after a hard day of work. Plus, the lads crafted some great melodies as well (The Wolf I Feed, Blank Look About Face). As a cherry on top, almighty NYC jazz-freak genius John Zorn blasts his way through one fierce joint (Everyday Pox). This 14th Napalm Death album screams to be listened to at a dangerously high volume. That’s not advice, it’s mandatory. These blokes are still as bleak as a desecrated war vehicle cemetery. Live fast, die old.

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