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March 1 to 11

March 1 to 11

The 17th edition of Ibero-Latin-American film festival Festivalissimo opens tonight with Diego Velasco’s action-thriller La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour). Some 20 other features will be presented, including spotlights on Chilean Cinema and Young Cuban Cinema. At Cinéma Excentris, March 1 to 11. www.festivalissimo.ca

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  • by lynda - March 1, 2012, 8:19 am

    la haro ceroin finally in town starring chilleanand cuban cinema these people are appreciate as little as 2 pesos or a gift from here they may thank you so much because in their countrys are very hard labor in fields climing mango trees
    but you are are treeted as as king and queen as tourists
    im looking forward to this

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