RVCQ: Back to the future

Back to the future

Robert Morin
Photo: Olivier Léger

Past meets present as the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois turns 30

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (RVCQ), the festival will once again show the opening film of its inaugural edition, Jean Pierre Lefebvre’s award-winning Les Fleurs sauvages (Cinémathèque, February 18).

Also reaching a milestone this year is the now-35-year-old Coop Vidéo de Montréal, which has played a vital part in helping many of our best filmmakers in their creative process since 1977, including Jacques Leduc, whose Chronique de la vie quotidienne will be showcased during the RVCQ (Cinémathèque, February 19). Robert Morin, one of the Coop’s co-founders, will give a master class (Cinémathèque, February 16) and be the subject of a mini-retrospective of his recent work, with screenings of Petit Pow! Pow! Noël, Papa à la chasse aux Lagopèdes and Journal d’un coopérant (Cinéma ONF, February 21 to 23). Let’s mention as well that Morin co-stars with Élise Guilbault in Lilly, a powerful short adapted by writer-director Olaf Svenson from a 100 Bullets comic book story (Cinémathèque, February 16).

Master classes will also be given by French director Claire Denis (Grande Bibliothèque, February 21) and cinematographer Agnès Godard (Cinémathèque, February 22), and three of the films they’ve made together will screen during the fest, namely Beau Travail, Trouble Every Day and 35 Rhums (Cinéma ONF, February 17 to 19), plus Denis’ White Material, which was shot by Yves Cape (Cinémathèque, February 20).

Before hitting theatres this Friday, Innu filmmaker Yves Sioui Durand’s Mesnak (which was co-written by… Robert Morin) will show at the RVCQ (Quartier Latin, February 16), preceded by a roundtable discussion on First Nations cinema and followed by a "makusham" party featuring Montagnais musician Florent Vollant (both at the Cinémathèque’s Bistro SAQ).

Other special events of note include the Prends ça court! awards ceremony (Bistro SAQ, February 17); the return of the Journées Transmédia (Cinémathèque, February 21 to 23); the Rendez-vous d’hiver, which will take the action outdoors for a night (Place Pasteur, February 25); and following the presentation of closing film Over My Dead Body, Brigitte Poupart’s documentary about choreographer Dave St-Pierre (Quartier Latin, February 25), a party featuring Qualité Motel, Roux Soundsystem, DJ Matteo Grondini and VJ Choco Beets (at Bistro SAQ).

And as always, the RVCQ is a good occasion to catch up to some of the past year’s best features (such as Philippe Falardeau’s Monsieur Lazhar, Patrick Demers’ Jaloux, Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie’s Laurentie, Stéphane Lafleur’s En terrains connus, Sébastien Pilote’s Le Vendeur…), shorts (my personal favourite: Sophie Goyette’s La Ronde) and documentaries (have you seen Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks’ Surviving Progress yet?). Bon cinéma!

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois
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