Stage: Ana


Alain Goulem and Frances Thorburn
Photo: Tristan Brand

In this bilingual co-production between Quebec’s Imago Theatre and Scotland’s Stellar Quines company, which was written by Pierre-Yves Lemieux and Clare Duffy and directed by Serge Denoncourt, a woman travels through time and space, adopting multiple identities in the process. In an interview with Elsa Pépin published in Voir, Denoncourt explains that "the women in the play find themselves faced with a moral dilemma that they’ll either transgress or not. We meet Teresa of Ávila, Medea, Joan of Arc who hears voices… but all the Anas in the play (there are around 20) hear the voices of the old Anas repeated like mantras transmitted from one generation to the next." At Espace Go, to December 10.

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