The Descendants

The Descendants

A film by Alexander Payne

Movie review

It’s been seven years since Alexander Payne’s last film, Sideways, charmed critics and audiences alike. The long gestation period has allowed him to make what I would describe as his most satisfying film to date. At one point, a character’s predicament is referred to as being one heck of a "unique dramatic situation" and he is not kidding – Payne’s witty screenplay finds every single important tie in the life of Matt King (George Clooney) tangled in knots, and he can no longer move forward until he figures out how to loosen the ropes that are tightening around him. As particular as The Descendants is, Payne infuses it with his special brand of humanity, sensitivity and humour, making it without question this year’s film to beat on the awards circuit.

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Descendants (The)