Steve Hauschildt: The joys of being alone

The joys of being alone

Steve Hauschildt: "I hope that people understand that I'm trying to do something new with electronic music"

Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt prepares to release solo album Tragedy & Geometry

Though his name may not ring that bell in your brain, Steve Hauschildt is one-third of the most potent force to hit the underground electronics world in the last half-decade. From their home base of Cleveland, Ohio, Emeralds – alongside Hauschildt stand John Elliott and Mark McGuire – have brought a much-needed charge to the field, plying their DIY sounds, thoughts and practices around the world in search of a better song. While Emeralds remains their focus, all members have garnered further acclaim for their solo and collaborative work, including here Hauschildt’s first prime-time release, the melancholic electronic Tragedy & Geometry.

Hour: What are your thoughts, feelings and expectations towards the new album, on the eve of its release?

Hauschildt: I’m really excited for the album to finally come out as I’ve worked on it for almost two years… I’m expecting a lot of comparisons to be made to a lot of older musicians and groups; I hope that people understand that I’m trying to do something new with electronic music rather than rehashing ideas of the past. It’s hard to avoid this when using synthesizers from any era. Some people hear a sound and associate it with a period of time, say the 1980s. Perhaps there could be a grain of truth to this, but really sounds always exist out of time. For me it’s more about feeling and emotion and not duplication. I am drawn more to the renewal of music and bringing new ideas into music that exist outside of it in the realm of information and philosophy. So in essence I know that the album is loaded with a lot of ideas; I just don’t want them to get lost simply because there are no lyrics on this album. To be honest I’m not concerned whether people will like or dislike the album so long as they get that it’s a reflection of our times and the greater state of things.

Hour: How do you approach your solo material versus your work with Emeralds?

Hauschildt: There’s a weird dynamic and ethos with Emeralds that is totally contained within that project. It’s really fun to bring things to the table, so to speak. All three of our solo projects allow our voices to be heard independently. I think with my new album, people will have a better grasp of my contribution to the band.

Steve Hauschildt
w/ Driphouse, Le Révélateur, Souffle
At Casa del Popolo
November 12

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