Le Vendeur

Le Vendeur

A film by S├ębastien Pilote

Movie review

This debut feature from S├ębastien Pilote is in direct continuity with his short Dust Bowl Ha! Ha!, again taking place in a small town in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region that is struggling with the impending closure of the plant which employs much of its population. Bleak yet punctuated by touches of warmth and humour, Le Vendeur impresses with its beautiful winter cinematography, its mournful score by Pierre Lapointe and Philippe Brault and its note-perfect performance by Gilbert Sicotte as an aging car salesman with no plans of retiring, his work seemingly defining his whole existence. Some might grow impatient with the relative uneventfulness of this low-key portrait of an ordinary man and his surroundings, but I found it captivating.

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Vendeur (Le)