Katie Moore: Montebello’s growth

Montebello’s growth

Katie Moore: "I wasn't expecting these kinds of echoes. It's a real surprise!"
Photo: Nick Helderman

Katie Moore's latest album earned the local folk siren rave reviews, well-deserved hat tips and a decent bit of money

Launched earlier this year in February, Katie Moore’s second album, Montebello, moved the souls of

music critics here and abroad. Exclaim called it a "stirring musical mélange," while Hour’s own Dave Jaffer wrote that "Montebello feels exactly as it should: like a beautiful weekend in the country."

"It really exceeded my goals," states Moore over the phone. "I was really happy with the [recorded] result, but I wasn’t expecting these kinds of echoes. It’s a real surprise!" Another unexpected reaction for the redheaded singer: the 2011 Echo Songwriting Prize for her song Wake Up Like This.

Trouncing artists like Handsome Furs and Arcade Fire, Moore’s heartfelt tale of lovelornness and loneliness is actually a collaborative effort. "It’s based on a tale a friend told me that I found especially interesting," she recalls, before adding, "that’s why I exploited it in a song!" while chuckling. Written and recorded among close collaborators in a short period of time, Moore didn’t expect Wake Up Like This to be recognized as "the best song in Canadian independent music," but gladly accepted the $5,000 prize associated with the award. "It’s perfect timing actually, since I’m currently working on a new album that should come out next year."

Moore and Montebello are also nominated twice at this year’s GAMIQ – the Quebec indie music gala that happens November 13 at Théâtre Plaza – for Songwriter of the Year (along with Timber Timbre, among others) and Folk/Country Album of the Year (a category also featuring Amanita Bloom). What’s more, Katie is also up for the Hip-Hop Album of the Year award – kinda – via her collaboration on Socalled’s Sleepover. Although reluctant about whether or not she’ll go to the shindig, Moore is still touched by the nominations. "It’s a cool, but weird feeling," she muses, in reference to the competitive aspect of these events.

For her upcoming concert at the lavish Théâtre Outremont, Katie Moore is preparing quite the hootenanny. "It’s going to be fun!" exclaims the singer. "We’ll have the regular crew, an organ and such a beautiful venue to perform in. It’s going to be really intimate too."

Katie Moore
At Théâtre Outremont
November 12

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