Stage: Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lillies: From the Gutter to the Stars

Encompassing various art forms, the Tiger Lillies have over the years tackled opera, circus, theatre and the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, among other things. Hardly your everyday normal band, the London-based trio returns to Montreal this week with a new show entitled From the Gutter to the Stars, which is being described as a post-punk cabaret tinged with satire, bestiality and blasphemy. Formed by Martyn Jacques, who sings in the castrati style and plays the accordion; Adrian Huge, who works his way around an assortment of recycled drums and toys; and Adrian Stout, who alternates between contrabass, theremin and musical saw, Tiger Lillies are reportedly unlike anything you’ve ever seen. At Usine C, October 20-21.

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