Land & Sea
Sarah Slean

Land & Sea

Disc review

As bold a statement as it is, the double disc is a hard feat to pull off, even for an old-timer. On Land, the Joel Plaskett-produced nine-track first disc, Slean achieves something she’s been trying to recreate since her 2002 debut, Night Bugs: a significant pop record. Amen‘s groove is pure Fleetwood Mac, while I Am a Light‘s frolicking melody soars to great heights. But the best is yet to come. Enter Sea, the nine-song second CD, in which Slean’s striking, immaculately crafted ballads are accompanied by a 21-piece orchestra. Not unlike Tori Amos’ recent classical attempt, the richness of most of Sea‘s songs is exposed by the classical arrangements; Slean’s grandiose approach divulges magnificent long-lost fables (The Devil and the Dove) and goosebump-inducing tales of love (The Right Words). Clocking in at over 70 minutes, Land & Sea is a challenging listen, but the destination Slean takes you to is worth all the travelling.

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