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A Book of Readers

A Book of Readers, by George S. Zimbel (Les éditions du passage), 160 pp.

In a world increasingly dominated by iPads, iPhones and other electronic devices, photographer George S. Zimbel pays tribute to old-fashioned paper and ink in A Book of Readers (Le Livre des lecteurs). Featuring 70 superb black-and-white photographs showing people of all types captured as they read in libraries, on the street, in cafés, on the subway, at home and in various other places, the book also includes bilingual essays by Vicki Goldberg, Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel and, most fascinatingly, Dany Laferrière (his Ten Snapshots From a Reader’s Life is truly a must-read). Concurrently with the launch of A Book of Readers, the Festival international de la literature (FIL) will present an exhibit of Zimbel’s photos at the Galerie de l’Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme (175 Sainte-Catherine West) from September 14 to 25.

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