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Twenty-year-old band Krokmitën (which could be translated by something like "Bøøgymän") have bilingual lyrics, futuristic concepts and blasting virtuosity, delivering an audaciously mean, self-described experimental extreme metal. Alpha-Beta is only their first full-length album; after putting out two demos in the 90s, they took a decade off before reforming in 2005. It was worth the wait, since the local trio blend technical death metal, prog, ambient and industrial with brio. Old school Fear Factory and Obliveon fans will certainly dig it. The guitar tones sometimes echo Ministry, while others strike Voïvod-esque chords or solos in the vein of Death and Cynic. Classic, really. Don’t forget to check out their website, as the whole 19-song album (in audio-visual form) is available as a free download. Scary.

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