Festival de musique émergente (FME): Far-out musical experience

Festival de musique émergente (FME): Far-out musical experience

The 9th edition of Festival de musique émergente (FME), a yearly 4-day rockin’ musical smorgasbord up in the woods (it’s a close to 7-hour drive from Montreal), will be this writer’s first. And, man, is he excited. You’ve also heard the stories, right? Shows everywhere, from here (as they say Patrick Watson is hard to beat, party animal-wise) and beyond (the mighty Melvins played there last year, for crissake), from all styles and rhythms, all converging in this little town (about 41 000 people live there) far, far away, where you can get real thirsty (we heard booze flows like water on tap).

In the land of national treasures like Richard Desjardins and mines full of copper, this year there will be Malajube and the Californian experimental freaks from Secret Chief 3 (Mr.Bungle member Trey Spurance’s band), plus some weird rap (the prog hip hoppers from Gatineau, Jewish urban god Socalled, Alaclair Ensemble and turntablist DJ Brace), blasting rock (Galaxie, Sunny Duval, AKA the rockabilly guitar hero from Les Breastfeeders), flying folk (Philippe B, Karim Ouellet), new country (Dany Placard, Katie Moore), funky bluegrass (the whiskey-infused Canailles will whisk us, that’s for sure), groovy electro (the return of the way too rare Plaster!), extreme metal (including the worm-eating, eardrum-splitters from Cryptopsy), Frenchies (cousins Plus Guest and rockin’ The Experimental Tropic Blues Band) and more awesome up-and-coming oddities (Monogrenade, Duchess Says, Nique à Feu, Amanita Bloom, Beta Lovers, Panache, Elektrisk Gønner, Jimmy Hunt…).

No, we won’t sleep much. Ready for mosquito bites and campfire rambling. And yeah, we can kiss our liver goodbye.

(Kristof G.)

Festival de musique émergente
In Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi-Témiscamingue
September 1 to 4