Job Special: Maddy K: The wedding planner

The wedding planner

Madeleine Kojakian, a.k.a. Maddy K
Photo: Christina Esteban Photography

Maddy K changes the perspective and adds colour to the key moments of life

After finishing a business degree at Concordia University, Madeleine Kojakian started working for a venture capital firm, but quickly switched into the magazine world. It was while she was employed at Ocean Drive Magazine that she began to plan and organize events for that publication.

And that’s when it hit her: "When you want to launch a mag, you have to organize events. And it’s the same situation with fashion shows and corporate events. I did a lot of event planning for magazines, but when I saw one of the wedding issues of InStyle, I realized that we didn’t have anything like that in Montreal."

After convincing her boss to do a piece on wedding planning for Ocean Drive, she realized that nobody worthy could be found in Montreal. "We didn’t have a lot of wedding planners and not a lot of help to organize those events at that time. So colleagues suggested that we do the article on me!"

And so it began, in 2003, that Kojakian started her own business, though unlike some entrepreneurs she already knew the basics. "I did a graduate degree in E-commerce, so I was well aware of the web." Maddy K went all out, making new contacts every day and hiring more people every year. With four full-time employees and many more hired for weddings and events, Maddy K is not lacking work. Brimming with confidence, she proclaims that novelty is her best ally. "It’s a creative job – I never get tired of it! It’s always new people, new concepts, new colours for a new creation, etc."

Since the wedding and event planning is going so well, Madeleine has started a new project, the Bridal Boudoir Affair. This yearly event created to help brides-to-be is not just a showcase of bridal products, it’s also a place to meet wedding professionals, celebrate and enjoy a cocktail party. Since its debut in 2009, the Bridal Boudoir Affair has become more popular every year. "When I founded the Boudoir in 2009, I had put my heart and soul into it. I did it truly because I wanted to give the brides in this city something exciting, something glamorous, something that they will always look back at and say ‘Wow!’" says Kojakian, obviously still passionate about her work.

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