Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody to be a two-parter

Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody to be a two-parter

During the Q&A portion of tonight’s Montreal stop of the Red Provinces Tour, Kevin Smith‘s Canadian series of screenings of his flick Red State, he dropped a juicy tidbit of information:

Hit Somebody, his next and final film, will be a two-parter. The filmmaker revealed that while writing his screenplay, which is based on the Mitch Albom-penned Warren Zevon song about Buddy, a Canadian kid who dreams of becoming a hockey player even though he’s “not that good with a puck,” he realized that it was getting way too big to fit into one movie. He thought of turning it into a HBO series, but finally settled on doing a two-part film, à la Kill Bill.

From what he said, it seems like the split will happen when Buddy finally makes it into the NHL a professional ice hockey league; the first part will mostly be about his youth in Canada.


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