Visual: Gabriel Coutu-Dumont

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, Living in Different Worlds

Over the years, multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont (not to be confused with musician Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, his twin brother) has collaborated with MUTEK, Patrick Watson, Akufen, international touring artists via multi-media company Geodezik, and most recently, the GRUBB (Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats) collective for their show at Centre Pierre-Péladeau until July 2. His work has also been showcased in many collective and individual exhibitions, the latest being the recently opened Living in Different Worlds. Using elements of photography, sculpture and video, this installation "explores making the visible audible and vice versa, stripping down the performance space." It can be seen at Galerie Donald Browne (Belgo Building, #528-372 Ste-Catherine Street W.), to July 23.

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